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法律迷思第一回 老公出軌可以點做? 點樣先可以同佢分身家?蘇文傑律師為你拆解出軌之迷!去片! 🎬 🎬 🎬#香港調解仲裁中心#蘇文傑律師#AlbertSo#HKMAAC#法律迷思

蘇文傑律師 Dr.Albert So 發佈於 2020年3月29日星期日

Viu TV 節目 <今日疫情> 邀請主席蘇文傑訪問,就有關現時新型冠狀病毒影響下,僱主及僱員應要注意什麼?

香港調解仲裁中心 Hong Kong Mediation and Arbitration Centre 發佈於 2020年3月1日星期日

《「新型冠狀病毒」身、心、法》第三集面對未明疫情,有何心理壓力和處理方法?僱傭雙方又有何法律權益及保障?一連三集「身、心、法」邀請註冊臨床心理學家黃沛霖博士;註冊輔導心理學家吳芷嫣女士以及香港調解仲裁中心主席蘇文傑律師以不同專業領域和大眾釋除疑慮,攜手抗疫第一集,我地請來註冊臨床心理學家黃沛霖博士,同我地一齊了解下疫情之下的各種心理狀態。 -疫情下的心理狀態-條氣抖唔好,唔通我中左?-人人都搶厠紙,唔通人人都想搶厠紙?-疫症之下,如何舒緩壓力? **明天晚上會有第三集的《「新型冠狀病毒」身、心、法》,敬請期待!

香港調解仲裁中心 Hong Kong Mediation and Arbitration Centre 發佈於 2020年2月17日星期一

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For HKMAAC Accredited General Mediators and Family Mediators :

A). HKMAAC Professional Membership Panel Renewal 2021
Please download the Notice for membership renewal 2021 from here
Please also take note of the following documents:

1. HKMAAC CPD Policy 2021
2. CPD Record Form for 2021.pdf
3. Name Card Order Form (HKMAAC).pdf

B) Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements
For details, please refer to our CPD Policy as attached and stated at

As the COVID-19 situation has developed, HKMAAC has been considered and implement measures to support members and keep the lines of communication open during these challenging times.

Merger of the 2019/2020 and 2020/2021 CPD Assessment Periods

HKMAAC has decided to merge the CPD assessment period for 01 Jan 2020 to 31 Dec 2020 (“the First CPD Assessment Period”) with the CPD assessment period for 01 Jan 2021 to 31 Dec 2021 (“the Second CPD Assessment Period”). This means as follows:

if unable to complete the requisite CPD hours for the First CPD Assessment Period by the First CPD Fulfillment Deadline, he or she can make up the shortfall by the end of the Second CPD Assessment Period, i.e. 31 Dec 2021 (in addition to completing the CPD hours for the Second CPD Assessment Period).

C) Name Cards
As to facilitate the promotion of mediation/arbitration services for members in ceremony and external event.  All Accredited General Mediators, Accredited Family Mediators and Arbitrators can make request to HKMAAC for name cards printing.

For detailed arrangements, please refer to the attachment or our Name Card Order Form as provided at

HKMAACE designed to make the membership renewal process be more simplified and accelerated. Both renewal return slip and payment we do not accept by post any more. Kindly refer to our membership renewal form for new renewal procedures and payment method.


If you have any questions on the above, or would like to check the status of your HKMAAC Membership, please feel free to contact the HKMAAC Secretariat (email:, Tel: 3796-3366)