Mission and Vision

We aim to promote mediation and arbitration services by both efficient and cost effective ways in Hong Kong. Our goal is to become one of the leading Alternative Dispute Resolution Centres in the Asia Pacific region and to serve the development needs of Hong Kong as a major city of mediation and arbitration.

We are dedicated to achieve our mission by the means of the followings:

    1.   Educate the general public and enhance the public awareness
        towards mediation as an
      alternative way to resolve disputes ;
    2.   Participate in academic and practical research in the field of mediation and arbitration ;
    3.   Provide professional training and accreditation for mediators and arbitrators
        as well as
      to ensure their competence through Continuing Professional Development ;
    4.   Provide practice guidelines, Professional Code of Conduct and disciplinary mechanisms
      to ensure and maintain the qualities of practicing mediators and arbitrators at the highest standard ;
    5.   Share good practice and strengthen relationship with other
        alternative dispute resolution
      organizations in Hong Kong and other countries of Asia Pacific ; and
    6.   Actively participate in all regional and overseas mediation and arbitration conference
      promote Hong Kong as a leading mediation and arbitration city.