How to become Mediators/Arbitrators?


The professional mediation training organized by Hong Kong Mediation and Arbitration Centre (“HKMAAC”) can be divided into two parts. The part one consists of theoretical training plus a written examination (written examination consists of three sections, namely i)multiple choice questions, ii) short questions and iii) essay type questions, candidates are required to reach 60% scores for each sections in order to pass the examination) . The training will be conducted in Cantonese (supplement with English terminology) and both Chinese or English examination papers will be allowed for selection.

The part two consists of role-play training plus the qualifying examination. Candidates who have completed the theoretical training, passed the written examination and completed the role-play training can sit for the qualifying examination. The qualifying examination consists of two cases role-play examinations. Candidates who have satisfactorily passed the qualifying examination will be accredited by HKMAAC as Panel Mediator.